DJ/Epilepsy/CBD Advocate Chelsea Leyland tells HQHB how her discomfort lead her towards finding more meaning in her career.
UNMUTED is a series presented by HQHB x MEUDONT.SE releasing the unspoken conversations we hold within us.
On Nov 9th our world was shaken to the point where we had to second guess humanity. The purpose of UNMUTED is to release the inner voices and vulnerabilities we are uncomfortable to express. We chose to showcase our series in the subway during this specific period of time because we feel that the silent train rides are filled with an overwhelming, unspoken emotion.
Model Renee Peters shares her fashion love story for Fashion Revolution Week: When you fall in love with a piece of clothing, it's effortless and you want to be in it all the time. I love these jeans. They feel like they were made for me and together we have shared some of my best memories.
Billur Kazaz is an illustrator and surface pattern designer originally from Turkey, currently living and working in New York City with her two puppies. Billur received a BFA in Illustration from Parsons The New School For Design. Every week she hosts watercolor workshops in her studio in Soho. Find more info on

Sogoal Zolghadri is a watercolourist of both paper and pastry in NYC. Owner and creator, Sogoal Zolghadri ( -more lovingly known as "Sogi" by family, friends, and local Starbucks baristas- is classically trained and practiced in both fine art and pastry decor. In 2010, she brought the two worlds together to create what is now a custom cookie confectionery: baked from scratch, hand painted, and delivered to doorsteps across the country. Sogi has completed countless orders of cookies, from friends' weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events --including an order of 300 custom cookies for Martha Stewart, custom cookies for Free People, Buzzfeed & more! This film was directed by Wendy Bowman ( produced by Samy Media House